Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why I would go for T-Mobile

It is undeniable that the smart phone has become a necessary part of our everyday lives. Since modern lifestyles demand that we should always be on the go. Often times, smart phones are our only access on doing things that really matter to us. Such things include checking on our families, browsing the web for information, connecting on the social network, and simply enjoying our idle travel times.

These perks, however, does not come without a price. And when it comes to the price, many people would think of the phone's cost. But the phone's initial cost is the least of your worries. It is only a small part of your overall phone expenses. For the most part, it is the services that you will be paying for. And when it comes to services, T-Mobile is one of my primary choices.

Here's why:

Most Versatile Choices One thing that I love the most about T-Mobile is that it has the most number of plans out there. With T-Mobile, it almost seems as if you are making a customized plan, but the difference is that all are already preset. For example there are different base talk time and text plans available and each of these plans has a sub-plan for each possible unlimited data plan with the high speed data rate (data rate before your connection is throttled).

Free Phones Even though the phone's cost is only a small part of your smart phone expenses, it still can cost a significant amount of cash. Your wallet will really feel this one since it is often a one-time-big-time affair. However, you need not worry about this if you will be going for T-Mobile as the network has a lot of free phones that you can choose when going for a plan. T-Mobile also has some phones that require cashouts but these are restricted to the highest end ones.

Lowest Rates The best thing that really sets T-Mobile apart from other postpaid network carriers is its lowest rates. Its unlimited data plans start at $79 which is $10 cheaper than that of Sprint's. It's unlimited call time and text messages rates are also among the cheapest ones around and are definitely the cheapest one among all of the postpaid carriers. If you are looking to get some savings without compromising the functionality and quality of the service, T-Mobile should be on the top of your list. Using the proper T-Mobile promotion code for your purpose will also allow you to further these savings.

Note: This is a guest post.