Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zoobies - Sponsor Spotlight

My kids all love animals. My youngest two love to carry around their stuffed animals, their blankets and often their pillows (which are also animals). So, what could be better for them than Zoobies pets. The Zoobies pet is an animal, a pillow and a blanket in one!

 We got Zulu the Zebra. Zulu is so super soft. Two hook and loop velcro tabs on the underside holds it into a pet. You can undo these two tabs to transform into a comfy pillow. If you'd rather use it as a blanket, you simply unzip the zipper and pull the blanket out. The blanket can also be zipped off from the animal for washing.

This is the perfect solution for my kids to take along with them when we go on trips. They have an animal, pillow and blanket in one and it's the perfect size for them to carry themselves. We are going on a mini vacation soon and Zulu the Zebra will definitely be coming along with us!

My daughter decided she wanted to use the zebra as a pillow and blanket at the same time so we zipped off the blanket and inserted a small pillow she had inside the zebra and zipped it again. Then, she used the zebra as her pillow and cuddled up in the warm blanket.

I was pleasantly surprised with how big the blanket is, 44" x 34". The head is microbead stuffed. The zebra is 22" long x 7" wide x 13" tall. Zoobies pets are recommended for ages 3 and up, but safely tested for all ages. The zebra is just one of the many animals you can choose from. You can choose from a large selection of animals and popular cartoon characters. 

Where to buy: You can buy Zoobies pets on their website. You can use code Parenthood at checkout to get 20% off any Zoobie product on their site.

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Giveaway: Come back on Friday, March 30th for the March into April Giveaway Hop where you can win a Zoobies pet of your own!

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