Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Welcome 2012!

WOW! The last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy! The last few weeks of the year are always busy. With last minute Christmas shopping and preparing for the holidays. I did a lot of online shopping this year for Christmas presents but also braved the stores to get some of the items topping the wish lists of those on our shopping list.

With four children and family and friends to buy for, our list seems to grow longer and longer each year. I have a plan this year to buy gifts as I find them at great prices throughout the year to help reduce, not only the amount we spend on Christmas gifts, but also the amount of items left to get in those last few weeks before Christmas.

Once we get through Christmas, we look forward to ringing in the new year, which also means preparing for a birthday. Our oldest childs' birthday is New Year's day. This year she had a slumber party followed by a party with more friends and family.

Now that we have made it through the holidays and her birthday we are returning to our regular daily routine with school starting again today. I am looking forward to a great year in 2012! I hope everyone had happy holidays and wish everyone the best for 2012!

It's now time to set some goals and make a plan for what I want to accomplish in 2012. Do you set goals? If so, what are some of yours? Leave a comment and let us know. I'd love to read what others hope to accomplish this year!